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Astronomy Section Members Group Closed Facebook page

The Guernsey Liberation Monument

The Guernsey Sundial Trail

A personal account of an eclipse expedition

Quotations about eclipses (also at the Mr Eclipse website) 200 quotations about eclipses, from ancient Chinese to the present day


Choosing a telescope or binoculars

Star of Wonder about the Star of Bethlehem (pdf file)

Mars hoax

The Curious Case of Johannes von Gumpach (1814-1875)

Our Venus Transit Pages

The next transits of Venus by David Le Conte.

Transits of Venus by Peter Langford.

From 1882 to 2004 - a transit of Venus by Debby Quertier.

The Transit of Venus 2004 by David Le Conte.


Some other Venus transit links:

European Southern Observatory - Coordinating worldwide observations, of which we were a part.



States of Guernsey The Government of Guernsey

La Société Guernesiaise Our parent organisation, the local studies society

Channel Islands Astrophotography Group (Facebook)

WEA Guernsey Adult education courses, including our annual Star Gazing course - click on Environment

Guernsey Museums and Art Gallery


States Archives Service Official records centre

Priaulx Library Local studies centre, including genealogy

Guille Allès Library The public lending library

The Guernsey Society The society for ex-patriots, and locals

Coumité d’la Culture Guernésiaise Promotes Norman - Guernsey culture and language

National Trust of Guernsey

RSPB Guernsey

Digimap Digital maps of Guernsey

Donkipedia Information about Guernsey

The Guernsey Tapestry The island’s community millennium project

Guernsey Press News and information

Channel Television Covers the Channel Islands

Island FM Guernsey commercial radio

BBC Guernsey Radio and television

Guernsey Telephone Directory Provided our domain name



Guernsey weather forecast from Jersey Meteorological Department

Guernsey weather forecast from BBC

Guernsey Meteorological Observatory

Metcheck Astronomy weather forecast for Guernsey Astrophotography Group

Weather forecast sites from Guernsey Digimap

UK Met Office


Rain today


Astronomical information

Star chart  Current chart by Heavens Above, including planets.

Bad astronomy page  Dispels the myths.
The constellations  Mythology and description of each constellation.

Monthly sky maps
Space Science and Astronomy news
Zoom Astronomy  A very educational site, including an online astronomical dictionary.
Powers of Ten  The scale of the universe, dynamically illustrated.  Masses of information.

Space Scoop Astronomy for kids.

Sunset and sunrise for Guernsey  by

Time and date  Time, calendars, etc. An excellent site, with lots of information.


Astronomical organisations

Royal Astronomical Society

British Astronomical Association
European Space Organisation
Federation of Astronomical Societies
Campaign for Dark Skies  Campaigning against UK light pollution.
International Astronomical Union

Society for Popular Astronomy
Astronomical Society of the Pacific  Lots of information and resources.

British National Space Centre

UK Astronomy Directory
The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux



NASA Home Page

Astronomy picture of the day

International Space Station sightings  Predictions for Guernsey.

Spaceweather  Another excellent NASA site about the Sun-Earth environment. With regular emailings.
Human spaceflight orbital tracking – positions of the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, etc.

NASA Missions  All the information about past, current and future spacecraft missions.


Observatories and probes

Space Telescope Science Institute – The operations centre of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomical publications

Sky Publishing Corporation  One of the best websites for astronomical information.  And you can get free weekly emailings of the latest astronomical news.

Astronomy magazine  Good US based publication.
Astronomy Now magazine  UK based publication.

BBC Sky at Night magazine
New Scientist
The Astronomer Online  The website of The Astronomer magazine.


Astronomy related products and suppliers

Starlight Xpress  CCD cameras.
Telescope House
The Widescreen Centre Telescopes,solar filters, etc.

Evergreen Optics  Suppliers of Celestron, Meade, Konus, Sky Watcher and Hilkinson Telescopes.


Astronomy software

Heavens above  Excellent site for satellite predictions.

SkyMap Pro

Starry Night
Astronomy Software Collection Freeware, shareware and commercial.

Satellite tracker Tracking software for telescopes.

CalSky Satellite predictions, including Moon and Sun crossings.

Astronomy Section Home Page

About the Astronomy Section

About the Observatory

Diary of events

Astronomical events this year


International Space Station  Visibility predictions

Image gallery 

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