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Meteor Showers 2024

Shower NameDate of MaximumNormal LimitsPossible hourly rateDescription
Quadrantids3-4 January28 Dec-12 Jan110Bluish or yellowish-white meteors with fine trains
Lyrids22-23 April14-30 April18Bright fast meteors, some with trains. Associated with Comet Thatcher
Eta Aquariids06-May19 Apr-28 May50Low in sky. Associated with Comet Halley
Alpha Capricornids30 July3 July-15 Aug5Yellow slow fireballs
Delta Aquariids30 July12 July-23 Aug25Steady stream of meteors over several days but a low rate per hour
Perseids12-13 August17 July-24 Aug100Many bright fast meteors with trains. Associated with Comet Swift-Tuttle (1737, 1862, 1992)
Draconids8-9 October6-10 October10Associated with Comet 21/P Giacobini-Zimmer
Orionids21-22 October2 Oct-7 Nov25Fast with fine trains. Associated with Comet Halley
Taurids12-13 Nov20 Oct-10 Dec5Very slow meteors
Leonids18 November6-30 November10Fast bright meteors with fine trains. Associated with Comet Tempel-Tuttle
Geminids14-15 December4-20 December150Plenty of bright meteors, few trains
Ursids23 December17-26 December10Sparse shower. Associated with comet 8P/Tuttle